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August 1, 2012
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I send out my last telepathically sentence to everyone around me, even Mandibuzz, "I, have failed." going down in flames. Just when I feel a gentle tug on my wings, and I feel the flames catch fire.

I feel limp, my body must be dying right now I think. the smoke clears and the remaining area is smothered in ash.

"Braviary! Wake up! Wake up, Braviary! Please don't lay here, say something!" I hear Mandibuzz scream at me. I don't even feel the strength to say a word.

"Braviary!" I hear another, it's Unfezent's. He pleads for me to wake up, again I'm not moving. I feel someone tug on the feathers of my face, it could be the Zorua from before. Then, hearing footsteps come closer. I reconized them, it's Karen. She doesn't scream or yell at me to wake up, I can barely hear her kneel down and stroke the feathers on my head.

"Braviary..." she says with a sob. There's a bunch of sad bird sreeches. It's my flock, they're sad too. I'm barely alive while my friends are sobbing around me, and I can't do a thing. I want to say something, but I'm mute. I have to make some kind of sound, or movement, anything can work. My beak makes the slightest open and I release a small purr.

Karen picks me up so gently I could hardly feel any pain, she presses my chest against her ear, listening for my heartbeat. It's pumping, kinda slow but it is.

"He's alive! He's alive!" she exclaims. Mandibuzz and Unfezent look at eachother with disbelief on their face and look back at me crying tears of joy. Zorua gives a happy howl. The flock members fly up in circles cheering. My eyes remain closed, but I give a small smile. Hope they notice. There's another combersation around, but I can't her them, but I feel I'm starting to be carried by other bird pokemon, away from here, but where are we going, I wonder, and black out.

I feel the air become less tense, but a familiar sent of air freshener fills my room. I begin to stir. Slightly opening my eyes, I see four looking down at me. It's Mandibuzz and Unfezent.

"Hey guys," I weakly say.

"Glad to see your awake," Unfezent says.

"You don't know how bad you scared us," Mandibuzz says.

"Where am I?" I ask them.

"Home," Karen says, walking in the room.

"Karen, your alive too, what about Kyurem?" I ask them.

"We can say, he won't be eating anymore people or pokemon, ever again." Mandibuzz chuckles.

"Good," I whisper.

"Come on we need to get you out of bed." Unfezent says trying to push me out.

"Your insaine! I can get up." I say to him. I slide over to the edge, my leg sends a wave of pain up my spine and I fall back on the bed.

"Your leg was badly burned, so you might want to put less force." Karen says. Unfezent and Mandibuzz put one of my wings around their sholders helping me to my feet an walking out. I'm barely using that leg but at least I can still walk. We reach the door that opend to the what was my hometown, I know it's still ravaged by Kyurem. But as the door opens, it was just like before. My jaw drops.

"It's back!" I say.

"Yea, they rebuilt it all becasue of how you went to save everyone." Karen says.

Isn't that good. Then the whole flock comes down in front of the home. The local Ducklett that lives nextdoor flies on top of me and give me a big hug.

"Not Rufflet! Not Braviary! YOUR A HERO!" he exclaims. Then a couple of my other friends come and gives me hugs and congratulates me. I limp quickly into the flock, very excited to see them all. We're all sqwaking our hearts out, happy to see me. I give Unfezen and Mandibuz both long hugs. Then I turn to Karen, all three of us trot over to see her. But she turns to Mandibuzz and Unfezent with a sad smile. . She whispers something to them, but I can't hear what sh seems upset about. They both nod at her and turn up to me with blank expressions. Trying not to give something away. Karen comes back to me witht he same sad smile. She stokes the side of my face.

"Take care of them, Braviary, the hero." she whispers. Now I realize, she's releasing me to my flock. After she finishes stroking my face, she gives a frown and looks down. I know this is hard for her and she doesn't want this to be. But more than anything, she wants me to protect my flock and fly free now that I can. I walk a little closer and I rest my head on her sholder, giving her my final farewell. She wraps ehr arms gently, then a bit tighter, I hold her closer.

"I'll miss you my friend." she whispers. I look to her saide but hoping that this hug can go on. Until she finally lets go of my neck, I raise my head and we make eye contact.She gives a slow nod, so do I. I turn back to my flock and heads toward the cliffside of the town. I've been waiting so long to grant freedom, but that goodbye was harder than ever could imagine, I'll never forget her. I screech back to her. Also how we won back our freedom. I flap my wings and give my farewell calls.

"GOOD LUCK BRAVIARY!" she calls back. Now I turn back to the cliff and fly off, leading my flock too. Heading farther and Farther away from my homeland. Luckily I know the perfect place where my flock can be safe. The road there may be long, but to me now, wherever these guys are is home. Wherever we go, I'll find a way to get back. Over the ocean seems like a perfect paradise for all of us to live, where no one can hurt us, and no pokemon can attack us. I look down, I see Scolopede, the same one that was following me from before. This could be final farewells too. I screech to him. He looks up at me. I tilt my wings back and forth, just waving to him. His mouth is just hanging. Now just for fun

"Don't hold your mouth open! A Caterpie can walk in there and have babies!" I shout to him with a chuckle. He closes it but gives a pleasent smile to us.

"SEE YOU AROUND BRAVIARY!" he shouts back at us. I tilt my wings back and forth faster waving back to him.

"How much farther?" Unfezent complains.

"Oh hush Unfezent, it's coming into view.

"Huh?" Mandibuzz stairs.

"Do you see where the waves seem a bit twisted, If we dive in, we'll go to the perfect place where we'll be safe. I explain to everyone to dive into the twisted waves. They're all stairing back like I'm crazy. But I'll be the demonstration for them. Begining to descend into the waves, I'm teleported into the world of the perfect paradise. Mandibuzz, Unfezent, and the rest of the flock follow right in behind me

"Ws I right Unfezzent?" I ask him sarcastically.

"Heck yea you were. I'm not doubting you ever again." He says with his jaw dropping.

"What do you think Mandibuzz, is it perfect Paradise or what?" I ask her. She doesn't say anything, but she turns to me, I turn back, we both stair for a little bit. But she takes a couple steps closer to me. She gives me a small kiss on the beak. I kiss her back. I nearly see Unfezent faint with disbeleif. Some of flock members  decide to leave us in peace. But here, I'm safe. Here with Mandibuzz, I am at peace, and I think everyone else will be as well.

Freedom is our new home.
It's finally finished, the last chapter of the Hutning Kyurem saga. It took me awhile to think while work. But I think it came out great.

And I decided to have the same picture as last, because I dont want it to be a spoiler to anyone that's about to read it and think. "Oh he survived the explosion, that's nice." I'll make more pics of it so dont ask about it.
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StarSkitty Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Thank you. :)
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
StarSkitty Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
I mean in general. Not just the fan fic, but for Kyurem as a Pokemon. No Pokemon is a monster. I don't care what other people think, in my eyes, Kyurem gave up everything, and was ultimately rejected. (I even wrote a fan fic about it, check it out if you want -> [link] )
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i see, its nice btw
StarSkitty Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Because... he murdered a Pokemon. One that never killed anyone in the first place, because Lacunosa Town is full of bull$h*t. Do they have any proof at all? NO. If Kyurem really did eat people, I would have waited in Lacunosa Town with my Master Ball, rather than march into the Giant Chasm and getting almost lost in there. :meow:
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Actually it stated in CH.4 he cornered someone and the screams fell silent if u knew that it meant they died. Braviary never marched into the chasm and neither did Karen cause she was taken there and she didnt walk anywhere she planned behind rocks where she was. Braviary went to the chasm but didnt go in cause Kyurem brought her on top of it and that's where he found him. Also, it stated in CH.10 he killed the Hero Braviary before him. Re-read it...
StarSkitty Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
You made me like Braviary.... a whole lot less. :(
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
and why's that
Nickdragon3 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
3 Words:

You did an awesome job with the series. Would there be a sequel?
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

hmm, never really thought of it, i'll have to think about another storyline hehe
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