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The night had begin to dawn.  I'm nearly asleep when I hear tappin of arrows against arrows. I look down to see the Glimmer tapping them together slightly. Trying not to awake the others, but to keep me awake. I wanted to scream down, "Shut up!" I place my paw over my mouth. I didn't want to scream that out. Thinking I just awoke the others. Some just stirred, none awoke.

She grins at me, but slides them back into the shaft and lies down to sleep. Finally, I can sleep. The spear, still lodged in the branch, I feel great to know I have a weapon now. I could kill off every one of them, only if I had more. I see the smaller spears laying by the other wolf near Glimmer. He must be using them. Not knowing if they were up here, right now they would be twitching or dead.

I rest my head on the branch, hoping to finally rest. Not until I hear a small voice.

"pst, pst" I look up to the branches ahead of me.


Here to save my life, again. If she is, I don't know how I'm suppose to repay her. She points her head downwards. Pointing towards the pack of sleeping wolves.

"I'm going to run through them, while they chase after me, you escape." she whispers so softly.

"What if they catch you?" I ask her in a friendly whisper.

"Don't worry, I'm quick enough to outrun them." she whispers back. My ears drop, I don't believe she'll come back in one piece. Or if she'll come back at all. If I here the faint dying howl, I'll asume it's her. Regretting this, I give a slow nod. She nods back and slowly begins to decend from the tree. She runs back a fair distance to make it through all at top speed.

Now she begins to charge straight into camp. Insted of making noise, she pounces on all of their backs and grabs the small spears in her jaws and takes off.

"She took the spears!" yells one.

"Don't stand here, get her!" orders Cato. All the wolves get up immediatly and chase after Rue. Everyone, except Peeta. He stands there, directly below me, but I don't notice. I'm still climbing down the tree.

When I reach the bottom and turn around, he's just standing there. I begin to growl at him, hoping to chase him off. He gives me a pointed stare.

"What are you still doing here?" he asks me. My growling stops and I look up at him.

"I thought you were going to kill me." I answer.

"That was only to convince them I was in on it. I didn't mean it-" he begins when his voice is cut off by someone yeeling for him. It was Cato yelling,

"Mellark! Where are you?! Mellark!" This wasn't a good sign. I hesitate to do anything but look back at him.

"Run, Katniss. Get out of here!" he hisses. I turn around heading for the hills. Thinking, Peeta, he just saved my life. But if Cato finds out what he did. He would kill him on the spot. As soon as I reach the top nearly out of sight from Peeta, I see him, being screeched at by Cato. Screaming turned into growling and they began to circle each other. In preporation for a fight.

I could barely hear, but I heard him mumble out the confersation,

"I should have known, you would never betray her, and let her go!" He began to move in closer and begin to leap and attack. Possibly regreting my actions. I turn back and head towards the fighting pair. I run right through them, turn back and growl at him harshly.

"If you want to kill me, then come and get me!" I hiss at him. He snarls back. I take off in the direction where Rue ran. I can definately hear him panting behind me.

This could be it. I can die right here. At least I was able to repay Peeta for saving me. But not Rue. Wondering, did she elude them. Through every twist and turn, I hope to make Cato confused and stumble. All my time sprinting with my pack to hunt is paying off. Soon, I can't hear Cato behind me, but dare to look back could lead me slam into more trees and let him catch up. I just keep running. Lungs aching, pleading that I stop. But I can't. I think it's now safe to stop running and turn around. He's not there. I finally think I'm safe to stop running, when I hear the dying howl.
ALSO: I for got 2 mention this but it was a youtube vid that was deleted, and it is suppose to be like the hunger games, how it would have gone down if it was wolf version. I dont own either (but i wish i did) Jk
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