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Of course my stylist tells me that they're here to make an impretion, I don't believe most of that crap. During the Parade, I can see the chariots ahead, marvelous. Jason and I are in silver headresses, I'm in a dress, he's in a tuex. I don't nervous at all, so I'm waving to the crowd smiling, he's doing the same. This is how Carl said we could get sponsors.

President Snow is at his podium, welcoming us, wishing us luck in the arena then quickly dismisses us. Our stylists and Rosealina congraulate us and say how amazing we looked. Then they turned to each other and started a conversation, I look around at the other tributes. I end at District 1, the boy sees me looking their way, doesnt say anything, he looks at me with a pointed stair, I look away. We're brought up to our room, we're on the fifth floor, for District 5. We sit down for dinner.

"So, what's tomorrow?" I ask.

"Tomorrow is when you begin your training, but I don't want you to show what skills you have to the tributes or the Gamemakers yet. Wait until you have your private session with them." Carl explains while pouring a drink.

"If we can't use any weapons then what do we do?" asks Jason.

"You have to show that you can adapt to your surroundings, like make your own ways of hunting without a weapon. Like a snare or a fire." he says again.

"Use the fire to cook what we hunter right?" he asks again.

"Well obviously, if you do it at night, that's the top reason someone gets killed." he sighs at us. I look at my plate, then back up.

"I'm done," Jason says, getting up and leaving to his room.

"Me too," I say, leaving into my room. My room is huge, bigger than the use for one person only. I see the large window next to the side of my bed, I look out, people cheering, most likely making bets on whose gonna die first. I sit down on my bed and look down at the silver-colored necklace Finch gave me before I boarded the train and brought to the Capitol. The two lightning botls that surround the large number 5 on our seal, that's all I have to look at when I enter the arena.

The next morning, I'm dressed into my training outfit, on the back it has a red 5. I let my hair fall down, and braid a strip and tie it across my head. Kinda like back at home. Here, we're trined against eachother or other trainers, there are a few work stations where we all have to participate, then the rest is individual work. The stations are set, we lined up and each one of us run throught hte course. Until the girl from 9 goes, one of the obsitcles slams into her left leg and she falls off. We all look to the side at her. A couple peacekeepers and trainers help her to her feet. Her District partner looks at her in horror on the bars. The careers chuckle to them self. I look over at them, but look away. They are selfish and arrogant.

"Back to training!" yells one. I move on to a machine that defines poisonus berries to regular. Something I was great at memorizing. I begin, it shows multiple berries that all are poisonus, I fly through the matching part in under 5 minutes, then defining it takes only 10. The final berries, Nightlock: Poisonus or Not? Poisonus, that's too easy, one swallow, and your dead befor they hit your stomach.

"How do you know all that?" Jason asks behind me. I jump a little I didnt expect to see him back there.

I give a small laugh, "I picked up a couple of tips from my friend Finch," I answer.

"That sly fox-faced girl?"

"Yea that's her. I gave her a couple nicknames based on her, Sly Elusive Finch." I say again.

"Ever used a weapon?" he asks.

"I tired one but I don't think I'm all that good," I say shaking my head.

"Oh, I tried building a snare, it's actually very helpful. Want to see?"

"Sure, I should learn that, I guess," I say. He leads me over to another section. It's planted with fake trees and dirt. Guessing make it feel like your doing this in the arena.

"You need to carve a stick to a point so whatever comes alng, you can kill with a swipe." he starts explaining.

I stair at the snare, sometimes look back up at him when he finishes a sentence as he goes on.

"Hey, Jason?"


"Do you think we could be allies in the arena?" I ask.

"Allies? Why?" he asks tilting his head to the side a little.

"Your good with snares and I'm good with defining whats safe to eat. I don't know about weapons-" I begin.

"I'm good with one," he interupts.


"Watch," he gets up and grabs a sword from the rack and moves to the dummy area. He begins to swing his sword around and beheads three dummies, removes limbs from a couple, and stabs any in the stomach if he didn't already behead them. My jaw just hangs there. He puts the sword back on the shelf and comes back over.

"I never knew you were good with a sword," I stammer.

"Had to practise a little in case if I ever ended up here." he laughs.

"Ok, I'll show you what I tried once." I say getting up and walking over to knife station. I pick up one knife in one hand a couple lay on a try next to me. The area becomes allinged with seven dummy targets. One lights up and a knife lands on the arm, another lands in the neck, then one in the stomach, then the last in the head. I can't believe I actually hit all those areas, I set the remaining knifes back and walk back over.

"Impressive," he says.

"Tried it once back at home and it didn't go all as I planned," I laugh.

"Alright then,"


"I mean, lets be allies," he says.

"You mean it?" I ask him in shock.

"Sure you showed me, I showed you, I'm sure we can make it." he confidently smiles at me.

"Ok, but, what happens if it's just us in the end?" I ask.

"It won't be, if I can't make it home then you will."

"Don't say that, what about you?"

"Right now, I think home needs you more than me." I look at him sadly.

The day's over and we're called back to our rooms. For the next week or so, we'll be trained then it's off to the Interviews with Ceaser Flickermen. At least it's great to know, I'll have an ally by my side.

Wow kinda longer then I expected and sry 4 the late entry had to worry about other things and when school starts i'll be able to squeeze one chapter in a week maybe.

Picture used off of here: [link]
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RueTris Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student Photographer
Wow. You are incredible! Write more soon! :D
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thx ^^ it'll be hard with school but i'll get one in a week or 2 if i have time ^^
RueTris Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student Photographer
Oh, okay. I'll be patient. ^^
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
RueTris Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student Photographer
fhockingam1212 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
YAY!!!!! You are an amazing writer
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you
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