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September 15, 2012
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Snap! The lifeless corspe falls to the ground. What used to be the district 3 male, is now a lifeless being. The whites of his eyes showing, nearly unbearable to look at. I turn away and see what remains of our supplies. That's why Cato killed him in the first place, he knows and so do I, that he was suppose to guard those supplies. He failed. The cannon fires and Cato rounds up any weapons from the rack that was under the shade and protection of our barriers.

Cato and Clove begin to walk away from the Cornucopia. There's no reason to stay here, no supplies, no campsite, and in my opinion, no allience. I think back to when I first left home, how my sickly brother's body was sprawled in the bed, chin covered in his coughed-up blood, breathing sounded like gasping. And in a blink of an eye, he was gone. Gone with the wind, leaving me alone to enter the games.

That's when I remember, the net trap I set up, maybe some poor tribute was stupid enough to fall for it. I hope it's Katniss, Cato will be pleased if I catch her. Maybe even better if I killed her. I think evil thoughts of how Katniss was eliminated from the arena. I stop in my footsteps.

"I'm going to go check on the net trap," I call out to Cato and Clove.

"Ok, we'll be moving ahead for now, just until they remove the rubble and body," Clove says. Cato doesn't say anything but turns away as Clove finishes. I go to my right and walk towards the trap, but in caution, other tributes may be awaiting for something to happen. The deep green grass turns into white flowers. They crumble as my feet walk over them.

"Katniss!" a voice calls over the hill, I run up to see something is sqirming under my trap, helplessly trying to break free. It's the girl from 11. I reconize her cause she's the youngest to be alive, but not for much longer.

My walking speeds up as I head down the hill. Her screams turn frantic as she catches a glimpse of me. "Katniss! Help! Katniss!" she calls over and over again. Now I'm standing over her and place my boot over her throat to prevent anymore. She chokes on her breath trying to squeeze more air out of her lungs. My spear clutched tightly and is raised at my shoulder. I'm about to finish and take off running, when Katniss comes running over the trunks and roots. I jab the spear into the girls stomach and look up. Katniss is now at the top with her loaded bow. That used to belong to Glimmer before the tracker jacker accident. Before I have anytime to react, her arrow flies and finds its home, deep in my neck. I stumble backwards and fall to the ground.

My eyes lay open as the pollen begins to seep through them, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm done for. I wanted District 1 to have a victor this year, I knew Glimmer couldn't make it too far, and I was right. So I had to aim for the victory. I promised my little brother I would win and bring him medicine when I returned. But since he's dead, and I'm dying, there's nothing I can do. I hear Katniss begin to sing a song to Rue, but it's blury. All I can hear is,
"Deep in the meadow,"
"Under the willow,"
My eyes close as my heart makes its final beat and I go into my last rest that I'll never reawake from. The gates of death open for me, and inside, I see the meadow, the willow tree, and someone sitting beneath it. It's my little brother. I'm with him at last.
first off, Marvel is mine and no one else can have him! I'll get u if u do!:chainsaw:

anyway Marvel's death scene of the Hunger Games a lot of people hat him but if u picture him better, u realize he has 2 do what he has 2 do to survive and go home alive.

play this song while u read it, [link]
ignore the sounds but the song is perfect for this

I :heart: U Marvel
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