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A new morning, no humans nearby, our stomachs are finally full, my chin is fully healed. I raise my head and look around the room, Latios and Ralts aren't here. Maybe in the kitchen? I open the door and peer in, Ralts is sitting alone at the table, Latios isn't here. She hears me and turns around.

"Good morning," she says.

"Hey, good morning. Where's Latios?" I ask her.

"No idea, Suicune left a note, saying she'll be gone for the whole day. Latios wasn't in the room when I woke up, I couldn't find him anywhere." she sighs.

I wonder where he could've gone. "I'm going to go look for him, stay here." I say and leave the den. I fly up above most of the trees but stay hidden between branches. I call out a four note tune. Hopin for a reply. This is how we communicate whenever we can't find each other. It comes in real good handy if any birds chime in. But there's no answer. I look around, and call it out again. No reply. Once more, no reply. My heart begins to race and I'm looking in all directions. I don't see him.

"Latios!" I call flying over everywhere. I notice a collar on the ground. I dive down to examine. No doubt, this was Latios's collar. If he doesn't have it, now I'm panicked. "Latios! Latios!" I call again and again.

"Latias!" there's an answe over a hill. It's Latios voice. I feel over-excited and head towards the top. But just as I reach a force comes down on top of my neck. I'm pinned to the ground, there's a tight grip on my neck. What's going on? I hear the breathing of whose holding me down. But I can't see who it is, dirt is seeping into my eyes and keeping them shut.

"Stay away from Darkrai," they whisper, I realize it's a boy speaking. Darkrai? Whose that, I've never seen him around. "Don't trust a Cresselia that's wearing a orb necklace. But when you see it, take it and smash it!" his whisper increases. Then another voice calls, calling him back. His grip loosens on my neck and he releases me. His footsteps grow fainter as he runs away. Who was that? Why is he telling me to avoid Darkrai, and a Cresselia with a orb necklace, and to smash it if I see it? I could tell, something bad will happen, and it'll involve me and Latios.

"Latias!" he calls again. I wipe the dirt away from my face, and look up to see a blue figure race towards me. It's Latios, he's ok. That's a relief. The figure becomes blurry and I black out. My neck is bruised and there's scrapes on the side of my face that was faced to the ground. I feel too beaten to wake up. But as my eyes flutter open, I'm laying on my bed. Latios looking down on me.

"Hey, Latios," I say in a weak whisper.

"Hey Little Red," he calls me the nickname Blaze called me yesturday. "You had me concerned, when I saw you black out your neck was bruised. I raced to bring you home where Ralts was waiting. Her face was mortified. I then rushed out and grabbed as many healing herbs I could find and tried to spread the medicine over your bruises and scrapes."

"Thanks," I say. "Where were you? I was going frantic when you didn't answer back?" I ask with closed eyes.

"I didn't hear, no birds carried the tune, I was by the river. I needed to look for something that Suicune wanted me to pick up. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, when she did comeback I told her I found you passed out and beaten. She stayed in here trying to heal you as well. You were put under some medicene that made you sleep heavily." he says.

"That's a relief," I say before the medicine pulls me under again. That night was nightmare, I kept having visions of the voice that hissed in my ears and the force that held me at the ground. I kept wondering who it could've been. I just remember seeing a pokemon with a lot of fur, skinny, and straight, teal, eyes. As he ran, all I saw was his fur covering his skinny body, tied with a teal bead. No pokemon was coming to my thoughts, I couldn't think much and remained dreamless, still in confusion.
Chapter Title: Guide the Lands


Sry it's short.
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