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The one thought is why did Latios all the sudden need his collar? I think back when we were younger, when we were tight on food, I found this bag of oran berries lying in the middle of the road and I traded it for a collar that had the eon triangle sign. When I gave it to him, he was reallly excited but he stopped wearing it when he got older.

Then the next day, Latios did the same and he traded cheri berries for three silver bracelet rings I wear on my arm. It was exciting because one had the same eon triangle. I never took them off, just when Latios stopped wearing his collar. I'll think I'll ask him. My eyes flutter open and look around the room. I think the medicine has wore off, I finally feel the strength to get up and move around. Latios and Ralts aren't here, maybe in the kitchen. I float towards the doorway, and there they are.

"Morning Sleepy Head," Latios says with a chuckle. Ralts laughs too.

"Hey Latias," she says.

"Good Morning. How long was I out?" I ask

"Not long, just over breakfeast," says Latios.

"And Suicune?"

"I think she went back to find Raikou and Entei. They were talking about something yesterday when I interupted them." he says.

"Oh, so what's new for today?" I ask them.

"I don't know." Ralts says.

"Guess we could go search for berries or just fly around, I don't care, just don't want to sit in here all day." Latios moans.

"Yeah, come on then!" I say opening the doorway to the cave. Latios gets up and flies through and out, Ralts gets up and walks to me, I lay my hand down on the floor, and raise her up to my sholder. The bolder rolls back and I fly up towards Latios.

"Hey Ralts, watch this." Latios says. He whistles a four note tune across the trees. That's his tune, mine's different. When ever we're seperated, we use that and hope the birds around us will pick it up and carry it to the other's ear. Just our way of communicating. Birds take in Latios's tune and it slowly hushes over the area.

"My turn," I whistle mine as well. Birds take it in and hushes later.

"Wow," she says. "This is how you communicate?"

"Latios nods, "Just whenever we're seperated," he says.

"Hey Latios, what's that?" I ask pointing towards a tree trunk. There's something catching the sun's reflection and bouncing it towards us.

"No idea, come on lets go check it out," he says, we begin to float slowly down to it. When a Grovyle jumps in the air and fires Energy Ball at us.

"LOOK OUT!" I scream and dive away, Latios does the same. The Grovyle lands back in the tree, hidden like a shadow,

"Who the heck was that? And's what his deal?" Ralts asks us.

"I have no clue," maybe he doesn't want us to go in the tree to look, might be his home." I say.

"Still, he doesn't have to fire Energy Ball, unless he was protecting something." Latios says. We turn towards each other. We both nod and fly just a little closer to the tree. The Grovyle doesn't reappear. But we see what was in the trunk. A gem, it glowed a greenish aura. I picked it up, a gust of strong wind blew around us. It almost blew us away, but it stopped. We looked closer at the gem, it was slightly warm, just has the temperature of the trees around us. It felt live-like, almost as if it had a beating heart.

"Drop that gem right now!" we hear a voice. It was Grovyle.

"Who are you?" Ralts ask.

"I am the Guardian Grovyle! And, I cannot let you take that gem!" he yells at us.

"Look, we were just looking you can have it back," I say tossing him the gem.

"Hmph!" he moans gripping it tightly andd walking back into his tree and setting the gem down, and covering it with leaves and shurbs. We're about to leave when we hear Grovyle mumbling to himself. We turn around to see him.

"It's you," he says showing himself again with the gem.

"What?" Latios asks,

"It's you, then next Protectors of the Hidden Land." he says.

"Yea, we knew that me and Latios knew already we were,"

"Yes, all three of you are the next protectors," he says again. I look back at Ralts, her jaw is hanging open.  "There is a reason why Ralts survived the explosion, so she could protect the Hidden Land just like you two are. Our creator of the Hidden Land sheilded you from any harm," he explains.

"Who is the creator?" Ralts asks.

"Arceus, he created where certain pokemon can live in harmony, without humans capturing us in pokeball. With the help of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, they created the island where everyone could be free. He first surrounded the island with a barrier, so humans couldn't pass but any pokemon can. But as he was going into sleep, something happened to his life and caused him great pain, someone was trying to kill him so they can gain power. Feared for the safety, he scattered parts of his life across the island. It's within the gems. Dialga and Palkia created a Guardian for every Gem, if anyone tried to steal it, they would be confronted by us and beaten in battle. I'm Grovyle, Guardian of the Gem of Life, you must bring this message to anyone who is guarding the gems, let them know your the next protectors and gather up the gems. Bring them to the Eternal Tower and place them in Acreus Ring. If placed correctly, he'll regain his strength and recreate the barrier and pokemon will be able to live happily. But beware, the one who tried to kill him is still out there, ploting to kill anyone who gets in his way." he explains.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"I can't say, I have to go. Good luck, Protectors," he finishes. He gives us a short bow and begins to vanish. The Gem is all that's left of him.

"Looks like we have a long road ahead of us." Latios says.

"Should we tell Suicune?" Ralts asks.

"Yeah, she'll worry about us if we just leave, but if what Grovyle said is true, we have to find the rest of the Gems and place them in Arceus's Ring.

"Right! I know we can do it!" Ralts says, sliding off my sholder and rushes over to the Gem.

"Let's do this!" Latios screeches out. We all scream "Yes!" and head home to tell Suicune everything.
Kinda longer than expected well here it is, sorry school has me covered so 1 chapter a week shall be posted ^^

Title: The Gem of Life.
Ch.4: [link]
Ch.5: Here
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