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"There's only one way to go home." I tell Ralts.

"Walking?" she asks.

"No, flying." Latios says.

"Flying? I don't know." she whimpers. If she's going to be with us, we fly a lot. She'll need to be less afraid of flying.

"We promise, neither of us would drop you, at any moment." I say cheerfully bending my neck down to her.

"If you say so." Ralts says getting ehr grip on my neck and hauling herself upright. I lift it up and turn to Latios. We exchange nods and take off the ground. I feel the grip on my neck tighten. She must be still terrified. I steady my flight on the wind currents. Now I'm just letting the wind carry me, I forgot how peaceful it is, having the wind do the flting for me, have it just carry me across the sky. Latios catches up to me and I point down to the river below. He nods and flies around to my othe side.

I'm diving towards the river until we're both just above the clear water. We center ourselves into the middle and dip our hands down, creating four glistening waves behind us. The Remoraid from the river begin jumping out of the water behind the waves. Has to be up to a dozen. I feel the grip actually let go. I just look back to see what she's doing. Surprisingly, she has arms spread out and she's whooping with joy. Now I know she's not afraid, so we pull up and travel a couple more feet when we spot the den, where we live.

"We're here!" I call up to her. We both dive towards the gorund and pull up as we approach. I bend my neck down again to let her off. behind the dense vines was our home. It may not be much but we've been living here for as long as we could remember. We pull back the vines to let her through, then we both follow in.

"Suicune?" Latios calls out. I slam my face into my palm. You don't scream her name out in front of Ralts, not even knowing who she was. Now sjhe might even be more terrified, she's surrounded by two bird legends and a ice legendary. At least it's not us she's afraid of.

"I don't think she's here." I sarcastically say giving Latios a small punch to the arm.

"Whose Suicune?" asks Ralts.

"She's, uh, our guardian. She looks after us now." I answer.

"Oh, she isn't here?" she asks again.

"Doesn't seem like it." Latios answers. Just then we hear footprints coming throught he vines. That could be her. It is.

"Oh, your home early." she says.

"We were kinda in a rush to come home." I stammer.

"Why?" she asks.

"We, met someone, and they don't really have anywhere to go.. We were wondering if she could stay with us. If that's ok." Latios nervously says.

"Sure, who is it?" she asks kinda cheerfull. Guess not to make us nervous to ask. We both move to one side pushing Ralts out to meet her. Her legs are weighed down, because she's barely moving. Suicune seems confused at the sight of her. But yes, there was a survivor from the explosion, and we found her. Suicune gives us a smile and nods her head to us.

"Your in!" I exclaim.

"Thank you!" she says. We lead Ralts into a cave where there are two straw beds. This is our room.

"You'll sleep in here with us. Since it's late already, we should have dinner then go to sleep. I'm sure Suicune will have like a matress we stole from the humans." Latios tells her.

"You guys steal from humans?" she asks.

"They steal our food, resources and they take us away from our own homes. Pokemon die if they're taken away from here." we have to take back what they steal from us before they leave and take what they caught with them." I exclaim.

"That's why Latias and I play a game called Trash the Humans, to take back what they stolen from us and dump the rest of their supplies into the ocean. They'll have no choice but to leave. The supplies that belong to any residents. We send it back to an rund-downed building where we track down where the owners are and return to them." Latios says.

"Personally I don't approve all the time ont his game." Suicune says walking in.

"I know, but they steal from us. We just have to take back whats ours!" I say in defence.

"Anyway, I came in to tell you it's dinner time. Witht he food we have, I managed to find some apples and oran berries." she says sadly.

"Not oran berries again, I'd be surprised if I can digest it." Latios complains. Ralts tugs on my wings,

"What's wrong?" she asks in a whisper.

"Lately we've been low on food supplies. The fact is that more and more humans come near and we can't leave to find any until they leave. We have to activate this trap that senses humans neaby and rolls a bolder in fron of the entrance. Leaving the escape hatch hidden in the kitchen." I explain.

After we finished the dinner and we're in our beds, the trap activates and the bolder rolls into the entrance. I pull the hatch next to Latios's bed that releases a small window opening. I peer out, they're literally campinf right out the entrance!

"You gotta to be kidding." I whisper.

"What is it?" Latios asks in a whisper." I explain that the humans are passed out in front of our entrance. Noting smells worse then sweaty humans. It's going to be a long night. I sigh.
Chapter Title: Home
Ch. 2

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snivy snivy snivy [Would be funny if they Run into Axios [He's a human but not a usual one]
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snivy snivy snivy [Axios is a human who's immortal since his soul is 1/3 of the Sea God Oceanus's soul] [Kyogre in the world of Pokemon you could say]
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