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I wake from den with a loud boom. It sounded like thunder, but in reality seems like an explosion went off. I was right, and explosion happened not only 50 feet from the den I slept the night to hide from Cato and Clove, along with their pack. Smoke begins to emerge from all directions, and begins to engulf the cave room.

My eyes burn as I grab the knife I've been carrying with me since the Hunger Games began. I escape and to see the meadow around me being engulfed in flames. The fire spreads quickly before I have a moment to think. Whatever I think, it says, "Run!" Immediatly I take off away from the cave as the fire follows my trail behind me. The fear of being burned to death, failing my five month survival, failing my own pack, allowing Cato to claim more lives is unbearable to think.

Trees being to collapse to my sides making it nearly impossible to escape by turning, not unless I have strong leg power. Which I don't. Another tree falls directly behind me, causing fear to race up and down my spine, tripping nearly everything I come across. Finally, I sense the trap. a large trunk lays dead in front of my path. The fire still comes quickly behind. It's now or never. I sprint towards the trunk for, what could be my last leap, over the trunk. The slightest trip, I stumble over, laying nearly unconcious from impact. Until I feel a small head reach under my neck and haul me up. I can't make out who it is. But she begins to run towards a cliff. I have to follow, if I don't the dangling branches above will collapse on top of me and the fire will finish what's left of me.

We both leap from the cliff and slam into the river below. I feel faint to not swim towards the top. But she garps the fur on my neck with her fangs and hauls me to the surface. As the water seeps into my eyes, I black out.

I feel the warm sun's rays. It feels warmmer because of the cold weather where my pack runs. I slightly open my eyes to see green grass that wasn't on fire blowing swiftly in the breeze. The smell of a fresh kill surrounds my nose. I look to my side to find two fish caught fresh clean out of the water. I give it a cheerful grin but look to grey wolf drinking from the lake.


I don't know where she came from or how she got here. But I was happy to see her. I slowly sneak up behind her while she continues to hydrate herself. I push her into the cool lake. She screams in shock, but looks back after resurfacing. I howl happily to her. She leaps out, fur sparkling wet, begins to chase me around in cirles. But I give her a curious look. She smiles back,

"I knew I could I find you." she says. I slowly walk up to her cheek, and give her a small lick. For once, I felt safe. But it ended when I hear more howls, and snarls. A pack of 4 forms over the hill. In the middle, stood Cato, Clove, two unfamiliar wolves, and Peeta. What's he doing here? I heard Cato mumble,

"I don't believe it." he says. He must be shock to see me alive after the meadow wildfire. Rue tells me to start running. I shake my head.

"Run into the woods, it's me they want. GO!" I shreik at her." She takes off the the woods on the west side while I turn around and run away. As spears fly in my direction, they seem to barely miss before I get the urge to sprint faster. What only lies ahead are two trees that seem tall enough for my human hands to sclae up.

My hands grab onto the bark and I begind to climb. The only things I hear around me is the taunting voices of the pack racing behind me.

Once I reach thirty feet in the air, I jump back to my wolf's side to grab a grib on the branch with my claws to stay put. Panting heavily, the snals of the pack are now directly below me. Cato, Clove, and the two I haven't seen yet.

My ears point back, wondering, "Why is he here? He wants me killed too?" Insted of making eye contact. I give a snicker smile.

"So, how's everything with you?" I ask.

"Well enough," says Cato, "Yourself?"

"I can't complain, I'm used to winter wheather. But the air up here reminds me of it. Want to see, I'm sure this tree can hold all of you. Why don't you join me?" I say with a small laugh.

"I think we will." says Cato again. His arms wraps around the tree and tries to scale up the tree. However, a tree with the rough kind of bark seems nearly impossible to scale like he is without feeling pain. I finally lets go and slmas on the ground. I give a short chuckle, to taught them now.

"Let me try the spears," says Clove. Finally, my moment has come. This could be the only time I'll be able to snatch a spear. If I could throw them, I can easily dodge any size.

Clove pelts a long spear at my neck. Thinking it'll enter my flesh, it insteads enters the branch, nearly an inch below my right paw. The brown wolf tries to fire an arrow. She's obviously unskilled. It lands across from the spear. I hear someone whisper her name, Glimmer.

"Anything else you want to throw up here? I'll be happy to retreive them." I mock them. Cato begins to growl, while the others snarl and bark.

"Just leave her," Peeta calls to them. "She's not going anywhere." he says to them looking up at me. "We can deal with her later!" he says to them. My ears point back again, eyes narrow to him. So he really does want me dead.

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Another wolf scene like the one from A Death Sentence...
This time being surrounded by a pack that wants to kill Dawn, just after she escaped a meadow wildfire.

I don't really need to mention names, we saw all the ones that were named in A Death Sentence... ^^
RamonGonzalez Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Awesome!Love it.
KestrelStarYT Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
glad i'm workin on more i've been caught up on other stories and cliffhangers :iconmockingjayplz:
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