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The night almost seemed to carry on, I had to ignore the obnoxious snoring that came around outside. Hoping it would stop, I burry my head into the straw. As dawn approached, I could hear the Doduo calling as the sun rose. I heard a small scream from the humans outside.

"Hurry, get everything and move out!" screamed one.

"Right!" said the others. As they gathered their belongings they quickly took off away from here. Latios woke up from the commotion, his loud ghasp awoke Ralts.

"Are they still there?" asks Latios.

"They just left." I answer with a sheer smile.

"That's good news," says Ralts. Just then Suicune came in.

"Good morning you three," she greets us.

"Good Morning, do you have anything we need to do?" I ask her.

"No, but I ask, if you guys don't play your Trash the Humans game," she says giving us a stern look.

"Only if there's a pokemon within camp," says Latios.

"Yes, that's the only acception, but until then, you might want to start showing Ralts some areas of the Hidden Land." she finishes.

"Sounds good to us," I say. Suicune gives us another nod, allowing us to leave, now we can fly free and eat all the berries we want. There hasn't been much campsites around our home, which was good. Free flying seems great for our health, not sure about Ralts sadly.

I almost think we can land at an oran berry bush, when this flying fire-red sword goes hurling in the air and a pokemon leaps out and pelts it in our direction.

"Latias! Look out!" screeches Latios. I look up to see it, and dive to my side, Latios does it in the other direction. The pokemon races to the side of us, really well hidden, like a shadow, catches the sword and points it towards us. Now that he's holding still, it's a Blaziken.

"Who are you?" I ask angirly to him.

"Blaze, you?" he asks back. I growl hastily at him, hoping to make him back away. Latios joins in, Ralts remains petrified behind my neck. He doesnt back down. This kid has guts, that's good for him.

"I suppose you would mind telling us why you tried to kill us," says Latios.

"Not to kill, but injure you enough for me to win the battle." he says with a snicker.

"You think you could beat the both of us?" I snarl, hoping to leave Ralts out of this.

"Maybe not two, but one of you I can take down," he acts so confident, when we have a chance with our flying ability. "I choose against little red," his eyes seem to burn with anticpation. By little red, he means me.

"Well, Blaze, I accept your request. Latios, take Ralts for me." I say allowing Ralts to switch over to Latios. I let my arms flow out and get ready to fly. Blaze cracks his neck to both sides and has his sword ready for the kill. He tries to act like the tough guy, but he won't be killing me now or ever.

"FIRE PUNCH!" he says charging at me, with one fist in flames, the sword catching its flames and causing to burn to make it flare. Then I realized, he's in posesion of the Legendary Flame Sword. But not crowned pernament keeper, I could tel by looking at him, and his attitude. My hesitation gave me no time to dodge, the fist but the sword. I swing my neck back around and fly high into the sky. Nothing comes down yet, but my Hyper Beam comes flying fast as lightning with me flying just behind it. So he can't dodge me if he does with the beam.

"HYPER BEAM!" I say coming crashing down into Blaze. Blaze is pressed into the ground, but not knocked out. He gets back to his feet, but I see a bruise in his lower right leg. That might help to my advantage.

"FOCUS BLAST!" he fires a powerful blue aura that is focused on me. I have one move that could counter, but not get through to blast him.

"DRAGON PULSE!" I fire the royal-dragon blue color through the Focus Blast, I shoots straight through, and and explosion surrounds us in smog. But as it clears, I fire Mist Ball, hoping to finish him. He has no time to dodge because of his leg injury. I blasts him and he falls backwards, fainted.

I hear him mumble, "Damn it," now I realize his secret, he's not the keeper of the Flame Sword, it was a decoy!

"You lied to us!" I yell at him.

"Figure that all on your own?" he asks still trying to be cool. Pathetic. Blaze doesn't say another word, he gets to his feet, and charges in the direction away from us, fast to blend in a shadow. Even with his injuries, he can run away that fast? Impressive.

"Are you alright Latias?" Ralts exclaims at my chin injury. I don't feel much pain, but it does hurt only a little.

"I'm fine, thanks for your concern," I say still trying to act like myself. I managed to pull it off, so we did feast on the oran berries that we came for. Just as finishing, I was feeling no pain at all.

Even though Blaze was a total jerk, I kind of hope he can heal with the damage he's taken. Wonder who he lives with. Blaze was running slower to get away from us, his leg injury slowed him down, but he had enough energy to reach his cave before collapsing in front of the entrance. A lucario comes out and helps him to his feet. Then a riolu comes running out and wraps her arms around his neck. He rests his tired head against her sholder, and hugs her back.

"I was worried about you Blaze!" the Riolu says with a small cry. The Lucario just stairs at them and walks back inside, with disapointment written on her face.

"I'm fine, just a rough day," he lies.

"Don't lie Blaze, your injured bad," she begins when Blaze sets her down. "Cario might be mad for your defeat, but I'll make sure you dont have to sleep outside." she says with a glimmer of joy. Blaze smiles at her, she reaches up to grab his hand, he grabs hers and they walk in.

"I'm sorry Cario, but Latias and Latios are stronger than they look," he apologizes.

"Just because of your injuries, your not getting any time off from training, Flarewhip is going to see you in a week. If your not prepared, she'll beat you til' there's nothing left," she says threatening him. Riolu stammers backwards in fear as Blaze sits down against the cold cave wall.

"I'm trying, I really am, I don't know how stronger I have to become-" Blaze begins.

"Riolu, can you run outside and fetch some oran berries?" she asks sweetly to her.

"Yes ma'm," she says running quickly outside to the nearest oran berry bush.

"You know, Riolu might not be able to hang around the home much longer if you fail." she points to me.

"You can't kick her out! She doesn't deserve that punishment for me." Blaze exclaims. Cario crosses her arms, and gives him a pointed stair,

"You'll be punished for now, I'll give Riolu the slip, but next time, you both will have to pay for your defeat,"

"Next time there won't be a defeat!" Blaze says standing up looking directly at Cario.

"I should hope so." Cario says, walking away. Riolu comes running back in, with an arm full of oran berries.

"Here you go Cario, where do you want them?" she asks.

"Just sit half of them by Blaze and set the rest on the side counter." she orders. Rioul runs over and give half of the berries to Blaze, runs over to the counter side and sets the rest. Then walks back over to Blaze and sits by him and rests her head against his side. He rubs her head and dozes off.
Title: The Flame Sword and Gem

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